Easily connect and manage your EON

Download Workbench

Mac Windows Linux

Connecting to EON in Seconds!

With Workbench, you don’t even have to think about connecting. Just open, scan and click EON to jump into a shell in seconds.

Never fuss with installing SSH keys, or finding the IP of your EON again!

Installing Openpilot with Ease!

You no longer need to worry about how to install a fork, or remember those pesky git commands. Workbench remembers for you!

and reboot to boot!

Take a screenshot

Ever wanted to show someone something on your EON screen but holding down all the buttons in the world doesn’t land you a nice clean screenshot?

Now you get screenshots delivered directly to your desktop with 2 clicks.

Tmux for free?

You can see the same messages as with tmux a except without the tmux a

Simply click on Log Messages. And… you can toggle the depth, pause the message and freeze it in place, and press play to pick back up where you left off. (and soon(tm), you’ll be navigating through the messages.

Sample CAN data

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