openpilot port guide for Toyota models

The purpose of this post is to provide a simple how-to guide to port openpilot on currently unsupported Toyota models and trims. Making an openpilot port means you’ll have to fork the openpilot repo, change the code to incorporate the new car model or trim you want to have supported, and submit your pull request.

How to write a car port for openpilot already published a detailed guide on how to make a Model Port, specifically for Toyota. The goal for this guide is to provide a more high level procedure that covers all car ports, including Brand Ports. Particular attention is given to the safety aspect of the port.

Add support for your car to openpilot

This documents how openpilot works with a car and how support is added. This article focuses on the Honda Odyssey, but the concepts described can be applied to a Toyota or a new make not supported by openpilot once you get how they are used.