Comma EON: Mounting & Calibration

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t put much initial thought into mounting your EON. You probably mounted it initially without thought or question and then you startup EON and OP and start driving, and for one reason or another the EON is not tracking or is pulling to one side, even after “calibration”.

Comma EON: Initial Setup with OpenPilot

As you may or may not know, the EON is NOT sold with OpenPilot pre-installed. Comma, Inc. does not currently sell a product to drive your car for you. There are steps you must take to install this software on your EON after you first receive it and it’s not entirely straight forward so that’s why I’m writing this simple but hopefully detailed guide to ease the pain.

Comma EON: TMUX cheatsheet for NEOS

Although I don’t understand the reasoning just yet, I can tell you the basics of what I’ve learned. I will continue to update this reference as I get more information. I’m also going to give you a cross platform view of different ways to attach tmux in different terminal emulators. From what I’m seeing, they’re all the same.

Comma EON: Installing a Fork of OpenPilot

If your vehicle is not 100% supported by Comma, Inc. you may find yourself needing to use a slightly different version of OpenPilot rather than the one you initially installed on your EON.