Comma Pedal: Building with MacroFab

Getting a Comma Pedal is NOT EASY, nor should it be. It’s not exactly a polished and warranted product and it can be dangerous or even deadly to alter the way your car was manufactured. In fact, it doesn’t really even work… that is, unless you build it, flash firmware, and wire it inline with your car’s Accelerator pedal (of which has to be already fitted with some sort of ACC modules) and ensure openpilot code exists to run it. But for those of us who love this stuff (and want to punish ourselves)… we forge on.

Comma Pedal: Installing in Your Vehicle

This guide assumes you have properly Flashed your Comma Pedal.

This guide assumes you have properly Wired and Tested Your Comma Pedal for your specific vehicle.

This guide also assumes you are brave and are willing to do (what some might consider) unacceptable things to your perfectly nice and already operating motor vehicle.

Comma Pedal: Flashing the Firmware

So you just received your Comma Pedal from MacroFab or manufactured it yourself, but have no idea what to do next… well the next step is to get this board in DFU Mode that allows us to flash it with firmware. It’s presently an empty computer with nothing on it. Think of this like installing software on a computer. Right now it doesn’t even have an “operating system” so to speak.

Comma Pedal: Updating the Firmware over CAN

I will detail the “manual” way for the do’ers and go’getters out there. This is the method that is proposed internally by Comma staff (that are smarter than I am, and also I’m not Comma staff).