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Giraffe (General Motors)

Unlike other cars, GM Giraffe is more like a power switch for the front radar. It replaces stock adaptive cruise control module, and is not connected to EON or Panda.
GM giraffe is confirmed working on 2017-2018 Chevy Volt with ACC package.


  • Front radar is powered on automatically when the car is started.
  • Lane Keep Assist indicator on the steering wheel lights up when LKA is in use.
  • Does not interfere with auto high beams and park assist features.

About the Giraffe

The Giraffe is responsible for passing through signals to your vehicles existing driver assistance system.

It features small toggle switches that allow you to turn the individual pass-throughs on or off to block the signals. This saves you from having to physically unplug or detach anything from the vehicle to resume using the stock system. It's like unplugging, but better.

It also allows you to optionally proxy the signals through to your Panda. When used with a White Panda you're able to get more signals and access to read from your car's radar.

It also has a NEO compatible fake ethernet port with access to CAN1, CAN2, started detect, +12v, and ground.

A note on the FAKE ethernet port.

DO NOT use this to connect to your laptop or network. It will break stuff.

Where to purchase

These are available for purchase here.


Openpilot offers a much better lane keep assist than General...
  • Vasily Tarasov
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  • Vasily Tarasov
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  • Sep 24, 2018