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Bruce C
Sep 09, 2018·1 min read

Honda Clarity Camera Cover Removal

In order to figure out which giraffe connector the Honda Clarity had, I removed the camera cover. Removing the camera cover is not intuitive. Here’s a diagram of how to remove it.

My instructions:

  • Push the cover up along the windshield towards the roof. It will slide about half an inch. Hold it and…
  • Pry the cover of the driver side until it pops free from the clips. Don’t use too much force. The adhesive may peel away from the mounting bracket if you do.
  • Pry the top (closest to the roof) part of the cover until it pops free.
  • Pry the passenger side of the cover until it pops free.
  • Push the cover forward (towards the front bumper) to un-clip the cover completely.

Back side of the camera cover with colored boxes which indicates where the clips are:

  • Red: Driver side
  • Blue: Top side (by the roof)
  • Yellow: Passenger side
  • Orange: Bottom side (closest to the front bumper)

This revels the Nidec camera: