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Tesla Community
Sep 10, 2018·1 min read

What's needed to get openpilot working with pre-AP Tesla

  • EON Dashcam DevKit ($699.00)
  • Panda (white $99, grey $199)
    • Grey Panda includes high accuracy GPS which OpenPilot may use for more accurate steering in the future. White panda won't work starting with OP 0.6, so Grey Panda is strongly recommended.
  • 10 foot mini USB cable ($7 for this example cable)
  • Custom Giraffe and Wiring harness for the Model S.
    • There are 2 variations based on your car manufacture date (before or after May 31, 2013). If you are unsure, check if the OBD connector in your driver footwell is the newer style with metal contacts for pins 1 and 9
    • Contact @appleguru in the #tesla channel on the comma slack to arrange purchase.
    • Approximately $50 in parts for the giraffe, $10 for a case, and $25 in parts for the harness. Will cost more after assembly and shipping

Total price of parts is approximately $1,000.