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Mar 01·1 min read

tss-p and tss-c chart

download pdf

difference between tss-c and tss-p is that tss-p it steers if car goes off the lane and tss-c only alerts you if your of the lane in order to confirm which one you have you can run a test just drive in lane and see if the steer tries to keep in lane by itself depending on firmware it will more likely suck but you will see it will try to correct itself. So openpilot what it does is it just keeps the car in lane which uses tss-p so if you have tss-c which only gives alerts and does not steer so openpilot is no go if you have tss-c since openpilot is adanvae lane keep assist. Although camera mount will be similiar but only tss-p is compitable with OP.