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Tesla Community
Sep 10, 2018·1 min read

Troubleshooting Tesla Openpilot

  • If you're getting power steering errors after flashing panda, make sure you reboot EON while it's connected to Panda via USB

  • Try a different USB cable (a shorter one, or one with EMI filter)

  • Make sure you're using the correct tesla repo

  • run make in /data/openpilot/panda/board

  • make sure CAN-H and CAN-L are not reversed.

  • make sure there is a 120 ohms resistor across CAN-H and CAN-L going to the EPAS (power steering)

  • if using a custom harness ensure these:

    • car CAN on panda port 1 (first port)
    • EPAS CAN on last on port 3 (last one)
  • If everything looks correct (right code, right wiring, right everything), you can always try: Shutdown car ("Power Off" in car settings), wait a few sec and try again.

  • If you've broken your source control (wrong git command, etc) you can always backup/check out from scratch:

    cd /data mv openpilot openpilot.bak git clone openpilot git checkout tesla cd panda/board make clean sleep 5 # (Skip this if running commands individually.) make recover make reboot