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Tesla Community
Sep 10, 2018·1 min read

Tesla Community ToDo's

  • Need a writeup of creating the wiring harness for EPAS bypass
  • Need a writeup of installing the wiring harness
  • Need to compare comma code with ours, regarding / / so that on reboot it fetches our repo (auto update). Not all users want to ssh in to update
  • Open source giraffe hardware
  • Code change to OP port to auto flash panda
  • Add longitudinal control (this is a much larger issue than 1 bullet point)
  • Further testing of EPAS enable spamming
  • Have more Teslas using OP than any other car!!! :)
count Confirmed Users with Working OP Vehicle
1 Kalud 2013 S P85
2 zax123 2013 S P85
3 Bobby 2012 S P85
4 SteveRadich 2013 S 85
5 BogGyver 2014 S 85
6 RobP 2013 S P85
7 Edgar 2012 S P85
8 JJ 2013 S P85+
9 David Abrahams (Git:AllWashedOut) 2013 S 60
10 Shane Thomas 2013 S P85+
Enough Users for Bounty to be claimed!
11 sergiociba
12 Bentis 2014 S P85+
13 Moc 2014 S 85
14 Sid 2014 S 85
15 MarcMarin 2013 S 85
16 FlyBoyn222pa 2013 S 85