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Tesla Community
Sep 10, 2018·2 min read

Tesla Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC allows the car to match speed with cars in front of you. The EON judges distances using the camera and dynamically adjusts cruise control speed. There are plenty of downsides to this strategy. The distance estimates are rough. It only operates above 18 mph. The speed changes are not very smooth. And it can't handle sudden slowdowns so you MUST be ready to manually brake at any moment. But it works without any new radar/pedal hardware.

Follow these steps to use ACC:

  1. Press the cruise stalk IN so that the orange "cruise control ready" LED on the stalk is lit.
  2. Enable the ACC option on screen if necessary.
  3. Accelerate above 18 MPH.
  4. Enable OpenPilot using a DOUBLE stalk pull (pull the cruise control stalk BACKWARDS TWICE in quick succession.) You will see the blue 'Cruise' icon appear on your dash. ACC is now active.
  5. The initial max speed may be conservative. Press UP on the stalk to increase it.
  6. Cruise is disabled if you brake or the car slows below 18 MPH.
  7. If ACC "AUTO" mode is enabled, manually accelerate above 18 MPH to resume.

Controls while ACC is enabled:

Control Action
Cruise stalk IN Master toggle for cruise control. Must be engaged for cruise or ACC to work.
Cruise stalk DOUBLE PULL Enable OP ACC and steering, and increase the max allowed ACC speed if necessary.
On screen ACC button Toggle between "FOLLOW" and "AUTO" mode. FOLLOW mode attempts to match speed with cars in front of you and disengages if you steer or brake. AUTO mode does the same, but automatically re-engages when you accelerate again.
Cruise stalk UP Increase cruise speed, increasing max allowed ACC speed if necessary.
Cruise stalk DOWN Decrease cruise speed and max allowed ACC speed.
Cruise stalk PUSH Disable OpenPilot (both steering and ACC). Max allowed ACC speed is reset to 0.
Brake pedal Pause both ACC and traditional cruise.
Accelerator (When in AUTO mode) Accel over 18 MPH to unpause ACC.![Image](