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Heiti Kender
Nov 03, 2018·1 min read

OP support for EON

On driver position, remove the plastic cover holding the ODB connector. Two screws and plastic clips.
Remove panel from doorsill and from doorpost. Pull away the carpet and DSU is located behind that think layer of insulation.
Unplug DSU.
Current plan is to have white panda filter connector 1,2 from dsu to car (and filter out 180).
Grey panda connects to dsu pins 1,2 (on white panda filtered side) ; 16,17; 18,19 (which is 2500 speed can!) and reads and feeds messages to those.
OP osftware is heavily modified to read messages from all channels, not only on CAN 0. For some reason fingerprinting and messaging is limited to CAN0 on original OP.