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Thomas Pichard
Feb 20·1 min read

Make Auto High Beam work

  • SSH into EON (if you need help check:

  • Make sure your Open Pilot version is over 0.5.7 by going in: Settings > Developer in your EON

  • Updating panda

    • First, check if your EON is connected to panda
    • Type: tmux a to attach the tmux session
    • Type: ctrl c to stop the process of Open Pilot
    • Type: `c to open a new window
    • Type: cd /data/openpilot/panda/board; make; to update your panda.
    • It’s done
  • Reboot your EON

  • Buy a 120ohm resistor with 0.25W

    • Install it as the image below in the middle pins


This should look once your panda is plugged in the giraffe

  • Set your giraffe's switch
    • 0111 if you don't have comma power
    • 0101 if you have a comma power

Now this should work