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Feb 03·4 min read

Installing Subaru Giraffe

Firstly you will need to check the batch code of your Giraffe, Flip it over to the bottom face (side without the connectors) and at the bottom adjacent from the switches you should see somthing like B:011619.3.7-Cynthia. For Giraffes named anything other then "Cynthia" refer to the #b. instructions where applicable.

1. Admire its beauty, take this time to see a rare sight and see a panda Riding a Giraffe! Also, don't be dumb and make sure the car is off & make sure both switches are facing the same direction!!

2. Remove EyeSight cover - For Legacy/Outback can just be gently pulled down starting by the map lights
For everything else remove the plate around the "pre-collision off" buttons and undo the bolts, then gently pull it down starting at the map lights.
*Pro Tip Be careful when removing the cover from around the EyeSight Lens's *

3. Carefully remove wire harnesses from cover. (3 with sunroof, 1 without)

4. Set the cover somewhere where it won't get broke.

5. Remove the main connector from the eyesight module near the right side camera

6. Follow the wiring back and remove from the plastic support piece - it is held on with electrical tape, you can usually just pull it off
** Before continuing it is a good idea to put either masking or painters tape over the right lens to prevent accidental touching also check the YouTube video linked for a better visual demonstration of the next steps **

7. Take your Panda and plug in the USB cable (and GPS if applicable) and put it above the camera unit with the notched part of the OBD connector facing up, and facing right. (USB end of Panda should be facing the front of the car)

8. Plug the included Y cable into the Giraffe, (24 pin black connector)

8b. Plug the included jumper cable with the black marked side into the Giraffe on the side marked "EyeSight" on the circuit board

9. With the board in your left hand and the eyesight jumper connector in your right, slide the wiring through the gap between the headliner and camera until the PCB is sitting on top of the camera assembly and the cable is popping out the back of the camera unit, making sure the OBDII connector is pointing left and the white connectors pointing backward.

10. Reaching up plug the Panda into the Giraffe, it should just slide on as long as you've aligned everything properly

11. Plug the cars connector you removed in step 5 and plug it into the female end of the Giraffe connector

11b. Take the stock EyeSight connector and gently force it between the camera assembly and the roof until it pops up above the cameras
Pro Tip I've found it easiest to get the connector above the cameras by pushing the connector in from the rightmost side behind the right camera where the headliner turns 90°

12b. Take 2 fingers and grasp the connector, moving it toward the board, then reach up in front of the camera assembly and grab the Giraffe

13b. Plug the EyeSight connector into the input jack on the Giraffe
Pro TipThis can be tedious, be patient and you will get it, I've found it easiest to hold the connector in one place and the guide the Giraffe onto the connector.

14. Plug the male end of the Y cable into the EyeSight camera module.

14b. Plug the jumper cable into the EyeSight camera module.

15. Plug the USB cable the EON. (optional) route the USB cable neatly down through the mirror power cable trim if desired

16. Reach up into the space in front of the cameras and ensure the 2 small switches are switched to the left (the right of the vehicle) to enable OpenPilot.
You can always slide them to the Left position to enable stock EyeSight

17. Replace the EyeSight cover, plugging back in all harnesses and remembering to remove the tape from over the lens that I know you put on.........

Subaru Giraffe does not require cutting to the cover and is discreet!

Video Installation Guide: Currently Unavailiable