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Andrew Frahn (@ku7 / emmertex)
Jan 16·4 min read

Hyundai Kia and Genesis Support

How do I know if my car will work?

We know that 2015 Genesis works,,, theres 3 out there usint it.
We know that 2015 i30 works... because the first car was based off of it. The first car being a 2018 Kia Sorento.
The next 2 cars, 2018 Elantra and 2018 Stinger, also the same.
Then followed many more cars.. and thus far, they are so close it identical its great.

Basically, the only messages we care about have 4 different versions.
Oldest (2015) - The Definition of what icon shown with what value changed
Then there were 2 alternative checksums used up to 2018/2019
And in the very latest models, a 3rd checksum.

More good news, because every single Kia, Hyundai and Genesis seem to have an MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) which reacts identical for the messages we send it... you don't need to tune your car ! ((This currently ONLY applied to emmertex fork ))

The newest models, the Hyundai IONIQ EV still runs the same system.

So, if you have a Kia, Hyundai or Genesis with LKAS, its almost guarenteed your going to be able to run OP.

How hard is it to add support?

As of now, you need to make your own giraffe.
This is by far the hardest part.
Some people have cut into the loom, some people have sourced connectors and made a splitter cable.
Jump on Discord and hit people up with questions.

Once you have done this, run the emmertex fork.
If your lucky, it will just work!
but just because it worked, your not done.

Currently if the model is unknown, it will default to Kia Sorento 2018. This may or may not work.
If it works, great, but your not quite done.
If it doesn't work, try the other 2 checksum options.. 1 of the 3 options will work.

Now you have a working car!
Add your fingerprint, and add your car specs.
That's it!

How hard is it really?

We have had people with no idea what they are doing, go from fresh EON out of box, to steering within the same day, with a previously unsupported model.
The community on Discord is extremely helpful.
Major thanks to @ku7 for creating and supporting the fork, and @TK211X for supporting all the users, and getting car specifications for practically everyone!
Both are active on Discord, and can help you out.

What is planned for the fork?

@ku7 has a heap of videos on youtube, thats a pretty good idea as to where its at, and whats coming soon.
Currently working on auto-checksum detection, to remove the need to discover checksum.
With that out of the way, theres only car specifics and fingerprint to do!
@ku7 is doing his best to make bringing new cars to OP as easy as possible.
The Hyundai/Kia fork by emmertex (ku7) currently is the only fork which does not need per-car tuning (Thanks to @Gernby for the great new lateral control code), supports multiple versions of wiring (@ku7), and automatically reverts to stock LKAS when EON is not plugged in (Thanks to @James-T1 for that!)
You won't be dissapointed with its current state, and the future is looking great!

Why should I run the fork and not comma

You can run whatever you want!
The entire Hyundai/Kia/Genesis community currently runs the fork for several reasons.
I ( @ku7 ) do my best to address any issues users have as absolutely fast as possible.
We have usability differences, such as no disengage on accel.
The ability to turn on MAD which allows brake and accel to be used while engaged
A superior lateral control (by @Gernby)
Auto Speed Limit based on OSM Map Data (comma version shows speed, but does't adjust cruise control)
We have the best featuers from the best developers in the community included ( UI from @BogGyver, Screen Recording from @pjlao347, and more)
We break a lot of comma's safety rules to bring a great experience to the user, without actually making anything unsafe!
Its a group effort... Its not just @ku7. Everyone in the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis community has helped make this fork what it is! Many names mentioned in this article, they all helped make it what it is!

Come join us!