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P Lee
Feb 23·2 min read

How to Disconnect the DSU on Toyota Highlander Without Removing the Glovebox in 5 Minutes

The glovebox is usually removed on most DSU disconnections. But if you have nimble hands and fingers, you can disconnect it without removing the glovebox. This guide is for the Toyota Highlander 2017-2018 and likely works for the 2019. 2020 is in pre-production at the time of this article.

**Step 1: **
Locate your glovebox.
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**Step 2: **
From underneath the glovebox, locate the black cover and the 4 front tabs that are holding it on.

Step 3:
Drop the cover.
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Step 4:
Stick your head on the floor and look up underneath behind the glovebox. You'll want to adjust your passenger seat flatter and further back for comfort, draping your legs over the seat back.

Step 5:
Your view will look similar to below:

Step 6:
Locate the following connectors in the view below:

Step 7:
This is the hard part. The DSU is the far connector circled in red, about 8 inches deep. It has 7 wires: two white, green, black, violet, red, and blue. Depress the clip and pull the connector out slightly, at least 1/8". You don't have to unplug it completely out of the mating connector, just enough to cut electrical contact for initial testing. For true long-term reliability, you should remove it out of the connector completely, it will just be near impossible to plug back in without taking off the glovebox. It could vibrate back into a connected state and confuse the car in the middle of a drive

Step 8:
Turn the car on, and drive. If you don't get any faults, and your follow distance button no longer works, then you've successfully disconnected the DSU and openpilot now has longitudinal control!