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Tesla Community
Sep 10, 2018·3 min read

Editing your Bash Profile

In order to edit the .bash_profile on the EON, first you have to move your the home directory by typing


Then, you have to mount the file system in Read/Write mode by typing

mount -o rw,remount /system

At this point you can edit your .bash_profile file by typing

vi .bash\_profile

First, locate the PYTHONPATH line and delete it. Then, at the end of your file, paste the following code

# add these symlinks if you want export PYTHONPATH="/data/openpilot" export GIT\_SSH\_COMMAND="ssh -i /data/gitkey" cd /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla

alias cdo='cd /data/openpilot' alias cdt='cd /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla' alias cdp='cd /data/openpilot/panda/board' alias sop='grep -rni --include=\*.{py,h,c} /data/openpilot/ -e ' alias mrw='mount -o rw,remount /system' alias dbp='python /data/openpilot/panda/tests/debug\ | grep -v "can\_push failed"' alias vic='vi /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/' alias vii='vi /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/' alias vit='vi /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/' alias vis='vi /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/' alias viu='vi /data/openpilot/selfdrive/ui/ui.c' alias lop='='cd /data/openpilot;./launch\' alias gp='git commit; git push' alias sp='/data/data/com.termux/files/'```

Save the profile and you're done! If you contribute code, you might also at this point want to configure your git to save your username and password. To do that you just to a push when you still have the file system in RW mode ( or you can use the *mrw* command later to make it RW)

$ git config credential.helper store $ git push []( \<type your username\> Password: \<type your password\>

$ git push []([your credentials are used automatically]

Keep in mind the credentials are stored in


in plain text. They are in the format


where ** is your username and *pass* is your password. So you can also just edit that file and modify as needed. Just replace *@* with *%40* in your email address. Now, about those shortcuts above:

mrw - make read / write - makes the file system writeable sop - search OpenPilot - searches the whole OP structure for the keyword that follows - example: sop user\_brake sp - starts OpenPilot after you killed it with tmux -a dbp - debug panda - launches the debugger for panda gp - git commit and push - if you saved your credentials this makes commit and push so easy; just add your comment and you're done cdt - change directory to /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla folder; this is also the folder when you will now start every time you ssh into your EON cdo - change directory to /data/openpilot cdp - change directory to /data/openpilot/panda/board vic - starts vi for /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/ from any folder vii - starts vi for /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/ from any folder vis - starts vi for /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/ from any folder vit - starts vi for /data/openpilot/selfdrive/car/tesla/ from any folder```