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Sep 09, 2018·2 min read

Installing EON

From comma wiki

Another great guide to try is here.

For installation in a Honda, see this tutorial video to find out correct placement and installation with a panda and giraffe.

For installation in a Toyota, see this instruction video.

  1. Select the correct angled mounting plate adapter.
    1. The EON comes with a 22 degree GoPro style mounting bracket installed (for sedans and coupes and other cars with a shallow angled windshield) and a 28 degree mount in the box (for cars with a steeper angle windshield like SUVs and vans). Use the included allen wrench to change mounting brackets.
    2. You can estimate by using the level functionality of your compass app on your phone with your car parked on a flat surface. It doesn't have to be exact but pick the one closer to your windshield angle.
  2. Mount the EON adapter.
    1. Horizontal aim - The inner edge of the fan (the side closest to the heatsink) should be directly underneath the stock LKAS camera. Overall aim may appear a little left of center, but post-Flippening code takes that into account.
    2. Vertical aim - The horizon should be at or just a little above center (higher degree mount aims up; lower aims down).
    3. If you are installing with the Giraffe and Panda, install the Giraffe and Panda first and ensure that the USB can reach the Panda
    4. The previous preferred mount was to remove the mirror and mount the EON/NEO directly to the mirror mount. However, EONs now come with the sticky GoPro mount. The instructions below will give you a good chance of installing a windshield mount level and straight:
    5. Experiments have revealed that the most important mounting aspect is the rotation (or roll) of the windshield mount. This method has repeatedly worked well:
    6. Park between two street lines (for instance: inside the yellow turn lane on a low-traffic street) Then put the car in drive with the parking brake on, and foot on the brake.
    7. Adjust the lanes until they look centered on the EON.
    8. Rotate the EON until the path line is perfectly vertical between the lines.
    9. If you prefer a Mirror Mount, here is a 3d printable STL file for a Honda Rearview Mirror Mount to GoPro adapter (may fit other cars too)

Consider following the Gridded UI wiki for precise EON placement.

Next, see Running ChffrPlus on the EON or Installing OpenPilot on the EON