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Mar 01·2 min read

Understanding Github forks and Branches.

So you have tried the official OP and now you want to try the gimmicks, optimization done by community's forks but do not know how Github forks works in general. So following i will give example to understand almost everything as far as branches and forks goes.


  • Every Github user has a username which is linked within url itself example:

      Please note after there is commaai(which is username)


  • after username in link it comes with repo name so openpilot is repo name


  • As default you will be on release2 branch however if you want to let's say switch to devel which gets the latest fixes and sometime bugs then you will need branch name. In order to see all of the branches that users has and see which has been recently updated you will click on braches on github repo following i will give default url where you will replace username.
    official comma repo branches

So now you know the branches name and want to switch to devel you will just use the following AIO script.

cd /data && rm -rf openpilot* && git clone && cd openpilot && git checkout branchname && reboot

now devel AIO script

cd /data && rm -rf openpilot* && git clone && cd openpilot && git checkout devel && reboot