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Mar 01·1 min read

Is it required to unplug DSU?If so what is difference between stock ACC.

DSU is not required to be unplugged at all for OP to work. Following i will describe the Pros and Cons for both:

DSU plugged in using stock for ACC:

  • You are able to control the distance for follwing car although there are alternative ways to do it but this is stock
  • Toyota pedal is aggressive which can be optimized so yes you can have DSU plugged in and still have Toyota Pedal working.

DSU unplugged:

  • Car drives slowly due to safe distance kind of like professional drivers.
  • Works with Toyota pedal smoothly.
  • Can slow down at curves will be helpful when HD maps are released.
  • You will get best overall OP experince but do note it will be slow drives if you want to drive fast then you are better of with stock for ACC.
  • You will get cruise faut error where you are forced to by comma power or else it will get annoying