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Feb 03·1 min read

How Do I Configure The Switches On My Subaru Giraffe?

Thats easy!!! Follow the yellow brick road!... erm wrong FAQ... Anway it's conveintly Silkscreened on the Giraffe! Both switches must always be on the same side (relitave to the PCB) While looking down on the upper face (with the connectors) flip both switchs at the top left for OpenPilot compatibility and both right for stock EyeSight.

Fun Fact!!! Unless your fingers are sasuages, if Subaru Giraffe is installed as recomended, you can stick your finger up where the cover meets the windsheid by the right camera and get access to them. I personally have to pop one of the clips to get access to both, still beats taking that monstrosity down. Also remember Giraffe is installed upside down so its left for Eyesight, right for OpenPilot

REMEMBER! NO TOUCHY THE CAMERA LENS! Subaru is adamant about this! (If you didnt see the bright yellow stickers plastered everywhere) If you do, do NOT attempt to clean the lens, it should be fine. If EyeSight starts to act up, consult your local Subaru dealer for help.